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Best Colleges For Accounting Technician And Bookkeeping




If you find accounting technology and bookkeeping to be extraordinarily fascinating, you might be interested in a career as an Administrative Assistant, an Accounting Clerk, or an Accounts Payable Clerk. Graduates with this major take home an average yearly salary of $35,695, which is 53.5% behind the average clinical educator's income. Our staff of college connoisseurs reviewed every single college in the US and are on cloud nine to introduce our supreme 2021 Best Colleges for Accounting Technicians and Bookkeeping list. We're hopeful that you will learn something new. Wisconsin leads America in generating high-ranking colleges for accounting technicians and bookkeeping, housing 3 of the top 10 spaces. Following Wisconsin is Florida, with 2 of the top 10. The top 10 colleges for accounting technicians and bookkeeping are within reach for most, with admittance rates ranging from 8% to 100%. On average, their admitted students scored 1301 on the SAT and 28 on the ACT. They end up costing an average of $14,876 per year, after taking financial aid into consideration, and their students receive a mean amount of $10,862 in aid every year. For the quality of their academics, they received ratings on School Authority that range from 8.24 to 10.
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL

University of Miami is a private university located in Coral Gables, FL. It is a well-regarded institution, currently ranked 79th in America, with somewhat selective admissions (32% acceptance rate). It has a middle sized student body with 9,705 full-time undergrads enrolled. University of Miami offers 99 majors across eight academic disciplines. The most popular options are Finance, Nursing, and Economics, with 7% of graduates receiving a Bachelor's degree in Finance. 7% and 5% of students study Nursing and Economics, respectively. It has impressive sports management and physical therapy programs, both ranking 5th in the nation. It also has the #1 philosophy and film programs Florida. Additionally, it ranked 1st in FL on our best early action colleges, best early decision colleges, and best colleges that accept the common app lists. For applicants based in Florida, full price tuition runs $52,737. Students residing in other states must pay $47,714 per year. Before you rule out applying due to the price, be aware that around seven out of ten students receive at least some financial support. 81% of University of Miami undergraduates end up receiving a degree, green and awaiting to land a great job. The median alumnus earns $47,500 two years after university. After an additional four years of work experience, the alumni's median yearly income rises 26.5% to $60,100, which is 49.9% greater than the national median earnings. Some of you might also want to know that its undergraduates typically scored between 8 and 9 on the writing section of the ACT. Additionally, 92% of first-time students continue pursuing their studies the next year. With respect to your checkbook, be aware that the average amount of aid awarded through federal grants is $6,999 and 13% of undergraduates receive federal grants. For its location, it received a 9.53 and its overall rating on School Authority is 10. On the subject of campus life, 90% of first-year students live in on-campus housing. To conclude, two years after completing their studies, 9% of alums are out of work and six years after receiving their diplomas, one out of every four graduates make $38,200 or less.

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