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Best Colleges For Adult And Continuing Education




Are you compelled by adult and continuing education? If so, you've probably thought about pursuing a career as an adult educator or a Sr. Instructional Designer in Training & Development. Graduates with this major generally bring in a yearly wage of $61,575, which is 39.3% beyond an average junior recruiter's annual income. Our team of educational consultants pored through all the data to put together our official 2021 Best Colleges for Adult and Continuing Education list. You'll most likely be interested in a few of this year's choices! The Midwest leads America in providing outstanding colleges for adult and continuing education, accounting for 4 of the top 10 seats. The runner up is the Southwest, with 3 in the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for adult and continuing education have an average acceptance rate of 73%. On average, their students received 23 on the ACT. They have net tuitions ranging from $6,812 to $24,365, after aid, and their students are awarded a median of $9,651 in aid each year. For their academic programs, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

Auburn University is a public university in Auburn, AL. It is a well-regarded college, currently ranked one hundred and fourteenth in America, but admission is not selective, with a 75% acceptance rate. It has a very big student body with full-time enrollment of 20,673 undergraduate students. 5% of graduates secure a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Medicine. Other highly demanded choices include Business, Finance, and Exercise Physiology, but there are 91 different options to select from. Its agricultural sciences program is ranked 20th in the USA, and its agricultural sciences, architecture, chemistry, design, and economics programs all rank first in Alabama. Furthermore, Auburn University is 1st in Alabama for top colleges for international students and top colleges for veterans. At full freight, tuition runs $10,712 a year for applicants based in Alabama but $32,050 for students not residing in Alabama. It is worth bringing up that about 75% of undergraduates obtain scholarship or grant funding. 79% of Auburn University students proudly walk on commencement day, green and prepared to set foot in the labor market. On average, graduates earn a yearly salary of $39,500 a couple years after commencement. After another four years of work experience, their average yearly salary grows 23.5% to $48,800, which is 21.7% over the national median earnings for individuals. Those of you applying might also want to be informed that the deadline to apply early decision is November 1. Additionally, it does not offer evening degree programs. With respect to your checkbook, be aware that for households making between $30k and $48k, the average tuition cost after aid and scholarships is $19,518 each year. On the subject of demographics, 19% of undergraduates are from a household with a yearly salary of $75k to $110k and in-state students make up 59% of the undergraduate population. Relating to the student experience, it has many music clubs including Symphony Orchestra, Music Ensembles, and Choral Groups. To wind things up, roughly only one out of twenty graduates fail to repay their student loans and six years after receiving their degrees, the highest-earning quartile of graduates make $72,700 or more.

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University of the Incarnate Word
San Antonio, TX

University of the Incarnate Word is a private, Catholic university located on an incredible campus in San Antonio, TX. Admission is not selective, as the acceptance rate is 88%. We've ranked it #401 in the USA on our favorite colleges list. It is a small sized university with full-time enrollment of 4,237 students. University of the Incarnate Word offers 65 available majors across eight disciplines. The most commonly in-demand options are Business, Biology, and Nursing, which when consolidated make up 30% of students. It ranks 4th in Texas for its health professions program. In addition, University of the Incarnate Word places 3rd in Texas for best colleges with rolling admissions. For applicants based in Texas, full price tuition runs $29,909 per year. Non-Texas students, however, must shell out $33,058. Before you decide against applying due to the price, know that each and every undergraduate receives at least some grant or scholarship funding. 48% of University of the Incarnate Word undergraduates roll with punches to graduation day and start the next phase of their lives: full-time employment. On average, alumni make an annual income of $37,100 a couple years after college. After another four years in the job market, the alumni's median yearly earnings rises 25.3% to $46,500, which is 16% more than the national median wage. Applicants may also like to be conscious of the fact that its undergrads generally scored between 480 and 580 on the reading section of the SAT and most students achieved scores between 15 and 22 on the ACT English component. In addition, about 77% of first-year students continue to pursue their studies the next year. On the subject of costs, be aware that if your household has an annual income of $49k to $75k, you should be paying around $23,267 per year for tuition and the average amount of aid awarded through state grants is $4,096. Its student housing rating on School Authority is 8.76 and our research team rated it an 8.76 for its party scene. Concerning the student experience, 46% of first-year undergraduates live in on-campus housing. To wrap things up, six years after graduation, 88% of alumni are employed and six years after receiving their degrees, 25% of graduates earn $28,600 or less.

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Central Baptist College
Conway, AR

Central Baptist College is a private, Christian college in Conway, AR. It has an above average acceptance rate of 61%. It has a very small student body with full-time enrollment of 628 undergraduate students. Central Baptist College has 25 majors across six disciplines. The most routinely preferred principal courses of study are Biblical Studies, Psychology, and Kinesiology and Exercise Science, which are comprised of 33% of students. If you would like to get a degree in religious studies at a college in Arkansas, it is an incredible school for you, because its religious studies program ranks in the top ten in the state. Furthermore, it ranks 1st in AR for best online colleges and best online Christian colleges. Tuition costs $16,380 annually at the sticker price. Before you decide against applying due to monetary constraints, be aware that all undergrads procure grant or scholarship funding. 33% of Central Baptist College undergraduates graduate college, equipped to enter the following phase of their lives: work. On average, alumni go on to make an annual income of $30,000 two years after receiving their degrees. After an additional four years on the job, the alumni's average annual wage increases 17.7% to $35,300; however, that is still 12% beneath the national median income. Many of you may also want to be conscious of the fact that it does not have early decision. Also, students may take a semester abroad, and it does not provide a distance education program. On the subject of expenses, be aware that students awarded Pell grants receive $4,844 in aid on average. Respecting demographics, the student body is 58% male and 1% of undergraduates are multiracial. With regard for campus life, meal plans are available for students. In closing, the bottom quartile of graduates earn a starting salary of $19,100 or less and the highest-earning 1/4 of graduates earn a starting salary of $43,800 or higher.

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