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Best Colleges For Adult Health Nursing




Are you captivated by adult health nursing? If the answer is yes, you've probably thought about pursuing a future as a gerontological nurse. The average annual wage for a graduate who studied adult health nursing is $67,366, which is 68% more than the median American wage and 10.2% higher than the mean salary of a learning and development specialist. Our crew of higher-education consultants analyzed all the data to generate the encyclopedic 2021 Best Colleges for Adult Health Nursing list. A couple of our choices will probably be shocking. The Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic head up the USA in producing awesome colleges for adult health nursing, each accounting for 2 of the top 8 standings. the West Coast follows the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic, having 1 of the top 8. To tell you a few interesting facts about our top choices, the 8 Best Colleges for Adult Health Nursing have a mean enrollment of 5,739 full-time undergrads. They admit between 55% and 100% of applicants, and their students' SAT scores range from 1010 - 1160. On average, they cost students around $18,325 per year, after taking financial aid into account, and their undergrads receive from $4,842 - $25,722 on average in aid every year. Further, they have a median of 14 undergrads per faculty member, and their median rating for academics on School Authority is 8.