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Best Colleges For Agricultural Production Operations




If you've always felt drawn to agricultural production operations, you might be looking into a career as a farm operations manager, a cultivation specialist, or a planting supervisor. The average graduate with a degree in agricultural production operations earns an income of $52,378 per year, which is 6.1% greater than the average yearly salary for a branch manager, staffing firm. Our cadre of higher-education consultants studied all the information and are honored to introduce the ultimate 2021 Best Colleges for Agricultural Production Operations list. We hope you discover the ideal college for you! The Midwest heads up America in providing dynamite colleges for agricultural production operations, accounting for 7 of the top 10 positions. The runner up is the Mountain States, with 1 in the top 10. The top 10 colleges for agricultural production operations have an average admittance rate of 89.6%. On average, their admitted students received 1183 and 25 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. They cost an average of $13,793 per year, after aid, and their students receive a mean amount of $6,976 in financial aid each year. For their overall quality, they received a median score of 8.76 on our website.