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Best Colleges For Aircraft Maintenance




Do you really want to study aircraft maintenance? If so, you might be looking into a future as an airplane mechanic, an aviation safety inspector, or an aircraft painter. The average aircraft maintenance graduate earns $63,935 annually, which, as a reference, is 59.4% beyond the nationwide median and 55% short of the average senior director, operation's wage. Our cadre of higher-education analysts reviewed every single school in the USA in order to compile our definitive 2021 Best Colleges for Aircraft Maintenance list. You're probably going to be interested in a couple of this year's highest ranking schools! Illinois heads up the USA in delivering top-of-the-line colleges for aircraft maintenance, accounting for 2 of the top 10 places. Next is Illinois, having 1 of the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for Aircraft Maintenance have an average enrollment of 5,811 full-time undergraduates. They have a 91.6% average admittance rate, and their accepted students scored between 23 and 1120 on the ACT. On average, they cost around $11,988 a year, after financial aid, and their students receive a mean amount of $6,217 in aid every year. Also, they have a median student--faculty ratio of 17.5:1, and their median overall rating on School Authority is 9.01.