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Best Colleges For Arabic Language And Literature




Do Arabic language and literature rivet you? If so, you might be interested in a career as an arabic translator, a foreign correspondent, or a foreign service officer. On average, graduates who receive a degree in Arabic language and literature rake in a salary of $53,442 per year, which for reference is 6.7% beyond the mean annual income of an assistant director of admissions. Our educational specialists studied every college in the United States and are pleased to introduce our supreme 2021 best colleges for Arabic language and literature list. We hope that you will learn something new. The NESCAC, the University Athletic Association, and the Ivy League head up the US in generating first-class colleges for arabic language and literature, each accounting for 2 of the top 10 standings. After the NESCAC, the University Athletic Association, and the Ivy League is the Big 12 Conference, housing 1 of the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for Arabic Language and Literature have a mean enrollment of 11,856 full-time undergraduates. They have very selective admissions, with a 16.6% average admittance rate, and their accepted students scored from 1355 to 1520 on the SAT. On average, their students dish out around $23,738 annually, after aid, and their students receive between $10,656 and $56,222 on average in aid per year. Furthermore, they have student-to-faculty ratios that range from 7:1 to 18:1, and their overall ratings on School Authority range from 9.46-10.
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT

Middlebury College is a private, liberal art college located on a striking campus in Middlebury, VT. It is a regarded and very selective institution ranking 36th in the country and accepting 17% of applicants. It has a smaller student body with full-time enrollment of 2,654 students. 13% of graduates are awarded a Bachelor's in Economics. Other common selections include Political Science and Government, Computer Science, and Psychology, but there are 46 distinct focuses to choose from. It ranks 8th in the US for its environmental science program, and first in Vermont for its anthropology, foreign languages, and international relations programs. Also, Middlebury College places 1st in VT on our best colleges and hardest colleges to get into lists. Tuition goes for $51,727 a year without any aid. That being said, below half of undergrads receive some grant or scholarship funding. 92% of Middlebury College undergraduates finish their learning with a degree, moving into the labor market prepared to make an income. The average graduate takes home $41,900 two years after receiving their degrees. After four additional years working, the graduate's average income rises 38.9% to $58,200, which is 45.1% north of the national median wage. You might also like to know that the early decision application deadline is November 1 and your high school GPA is recommended to apply. Further, 29% of classes have 20 to 39 students,. On the subject of your checkbook, be aware that if your household has an annual income of $76k to $110k, you can anticipate to pay about $24,561 a year. It's professor rating on School Authority is 10 and its value rating on School Authority is 10. Regarding the student experience, 100% of freshmen live in on-campus housing. In closing, six years after receiving their diplomas, 89% of alums have jobs and no alumni miss payments on their student loans.

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