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Best Colleges For Architectural Engineering Technician




Is architectural engineering technology your life's calling? If so, you're probably planning on becoming an architectural engineering technician. The average graduate with a degree in architectural engineering technology takes home an income of $72,369 per year, which is 16.9% north of the mean annual income for an ambulatory registered nurse. Our cadre of college analysts studied the statistics in order to devise the conclusive 2021 Best Colleges for Architectural Engineering Technicians list. We are hopeful that you'll learn something new. The Midwest leads the USA in producing superior quality colleges for architectural engineering technicians, accounting for 7 of the top 10 ranks. Next in line is the Southeast, with 2 in the top 10. The top 10 colleges for architectural engineering technicians have admittance rates ranging from 15 - 100%. Their admitted students' mean SAT and ACT scores are 1204 and 25, respectively, and they end up costing an average of $15,319 annually, after taking financial aid into account. On average, they are middle sized colleges (mean full-time enrollment: 8,304), and they enroll a median of 13.5 undergrads per faculty member. Finally, their mean overall School Authority rating is 9.
Lawrence Technological University
Southfield, MI

Lawrence Technological University is a private university located in Southfield, MI. Admission is accessible to most, as the acceptance rate is 78%. It ranks #322 in the nation on our all-around top colleges list. It has a small student body with 1,755 full-time students enrolled. its most commonly decided major is a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, which accounts for 24% of the student body. Alternative frequent selections include Architecture, which accounts for 12% of students, and Electrical Engineering (8%). Its engineering technology program is ranked 7th in the USA and first in Michigan. Furthermore, Lawrence Technological University ranked 3rd in Michigan on our best test optional colleges list. At full freight, tuition is $31,891 a year, if you're applying from Michigan but $35,248 for those not living in Michigan. Before you decide against applying because of the price, keep in mind that the vast majority of students is awarded monetary support. 59% of Lawrence Technological University students end up graduating, all set to enter the employment market. Two years after commencement, graduates earn an average annual income of $46,300. After 4 more years in the job market, the alumni's average salary grows 19.4% to $55,300, which is 37.9% over the national median income. Applying students may like to find that its students generally scored between 520 and 650 on the math section of the SAT. Additionally, it offers evening degree programs, and it does not offer a remote program. Apropos of costs, be aware that the average amount of aid awarded through federal grants is $4,836. Our team rated it an 8.49 out of 10 overall and for diversity, it received an 8.49 out of 10. Related to campus life, it offers multiple music clubs including Marching Band and Musical Theater. To conclude, six years after receiving their diplomas, one out of every four graduates earn $35,200 or less and the average student graduates with debt of $8,543 per year.

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