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Best Colleges For Audiology




Is audiology your favorite thing to study? If so, you've probably considered a future as an audiologist. On average, graduates who studied audiology bring home a yearly salary of $45,144, which for reference is 23.2% short of the average clinical supervisor's wage. Our higher-education pundits sifted through all the information in order to form our consummate 2021 Best Colleges for Audiology list. Some of our picks could be interesting to you. The Midwest leads the country in providing excellent colleges for audiology, accounting for 3 of the top 7 spots. Next is the Southeast, with 1 in the top 7. To share a brief overview of our top picks, the 7 Best Colleges for Audiology have acceptance rates between 36% and 100%. Their undergrads have a mean SAT score of 1155 and ACT score of 24, and they end up costing an average of $12,272 a year, after financial aid. On average, their student bodies range from smaller sized to huge with 2,206 - 44,103 full-time undergraduates, and they have an average student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. Lastly, their academic programs received an average rating of 8 on our site.