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Best Colleges For Child Care Provider




If you're captivated by child care, you might be considering a future as a childcare provider. The average wage for a graduate with a degree in child care is $191,191, which is 376.8% more than the United States median and 498.1% more than an average department manager, hardware store's income. Our staff of college analysts studied each and every college in the USA in order to build our essential 2021 Best Colleges for Child Care Provider list. We're sure that you will find this list to be enlightening. The Midwest leads the United States in generating grade-A colleges for child care provider, accounting for 5 of the top 10 seats. Following the Midwest is the Mountain States, having 2 of the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for Child Care Provider have a 95.6% average admittance rate. On average, their undergrads received 1163 on the SAT and 25 on the ACT. They end up costing an average of $10,027 annually, after financial aid, and their undergrads are awarded a mean amount of $5,634 in financial aid per year. For their overall college rankings, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.