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Best Colleges For Communication Disorders




Have you always dreamt of majoring in communication disorders? If so, you might be looking into a future as a speech therapist or a children's hearing specialist. The average salary for a graduate who studied communication disorder is $62,280, which, as a reference, is 8.6% beneath the average senior executive assistant's annual salary. Our crew of higher-education analysts reviewed each and every school in the country and couldn't be more on cloud nine to put forward our all-encompassing 2021 Best Colleges for Communication Disorders list. You will probably be shocked by a handful of our top picks. The Big Ten Conference leads America in delivering upper tier colleges for communication disorders, accounting for 3 of the top 10 colleges. After the Big Ten Conference is the Big 12 Conference, having 2 of the top 10. To give you a little overview of our first picks, the 10 highest ranked colleges for communication disorders have a mean admittance rate of 42.6%. They admit students with a median SAT score of 1332, and have an average enrollment of 22,768 full-time students. Also, their average tuitions after aid run between $10,253 and $37,054, and their median student--faculty ratio is 16.5:1. In closing, they scored 10 on average for their overall School Authority rating.