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Best Colleges For Community Health Services And Counseling




Have you always felt compelled by community health services and counseling? If so, you might be interested in a career as a community health counselor. On average, community health services and counseling grads earn a salary of $53,863 per year, which is 34.3% more than the national median and 10.2% south of the mean income for a corporate recruiter. Our staff of educational experts studied each and every school in the United States of America and couldn't be more elated to release the unparalleled 2021 Best Colleges for Community Health Services and Counseling list. A few of our choices may shock you. The Midwest heads up America in yielding high-ranking colleges for community health services and counseling, accounting for 3 of the top 10 spaces. Next is the Southwest, with 2 of the top 10. To share a couple of things about our top picks with you, the top 10 colleges for community health services and counseling are not selective, not overly competitive, with admittance rates ranging from 8 - 92%. Their full-time undergraduate enrollment ranges from 1,351 up to 44,387 and their median graduation rate is 68.5%. On average, in-state undergraduates pay a median of $12,084 in tuition, while students from out-of-state must spend a median of $31,205.5. In addition, they enroll an average of 16 undergrads per professor. For their overall quality, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA

Western Washington University is a public university located in Bellingham, WA. The acceptance rate is 88%, making it attainable for most. On our all-around top colleges list, it ranks #365 in the USA. It is a larger institution with 13,041 full-time students in attendance. its most highly demanded major is a Bachelor's in Environmental Science, amounting to 6% of the student body. Additional in-demand selections include Liberal Arts and Humanities, which accounts for 6% of students, and Psychology (5%). Its sports management and global studies programs are both ranked second in Washington. Furthermore, Western Washington University is 3rd in Washington for top public universities. For students paying full freight, in-state tuition runs $8,532 a year, but for applicants who live elsewhere, tuition costs $24,717. Before you decide against applying because of the price, be conscious that over 80% of undergraduates procure some monetary support. 69% of Western Washington University undergraduates stroll across the stage on commencement day, hoping to land their dream jobs. On average, alumni earn an annual income of $35,400 a couple years after receiving their diplomas. After four additional years of work experience, the alumni's average wage increases 29.4% to $45,800, which is 14.2% more than the national median income. Applicants may like to be aware that more than half of the students tested between 22 and 29 on the ACT and the application deadline is January 31. Further, 4% of available classes have 100 or more students. Apropos of your cash flow, be aware that if your household makes between $49k and $75k, you will typically pay about $17,414 on tuition annually. On the subject of demographics, international professors make up 7% of the faculty and 15% of undergraduates are from a household with an income of $30k to $48k. Relating to student life, it has on campus housing. Lastly, one fourth of graduates make $29,800 or less six years after graduating and the average student graduates with debt of $5,865 per year.

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Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ

Northern Arizona University is a public university in Flagstaff, AZ. We've ranked it #514 in the country on our favorite colleges list, and admission is attainable for most, with an 83% acceptance rate. It has a very large student body with 20,419 full-time undergrads in attendance. Northern Arizona University offers 91 possible majors across eight disciplines. The most desired choices are Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing, and Business, which are selected by 24% of students. It ranks first in Arizona for its information technology program. Furthermore, Northern Arizona University is the 3rd best big college in Arizona based on our analysis. For students based in Arizona, full price tuition costs $12,142 a year. Students located in other states must lay out $27,119 a year. Before you decide not to apply because of the cost, be conscious that a substantial majority of undergraduates obtains at least some grant or scholarship funding. 51% of Northern Arizona University students stroll across the stage on graduation day, equipped to move into the job market. On average, graduates make an annual income of $34,400 a couple years after college. After another four years working, the alumni's average annual salary increases 16.6% to $40,100, which is congruent with the national median salary. Many of you might also like to know that you are neither required nor recommended to submit letters of recommendation along with your application and ACT scores are submitted by 45% of applicants. Further, it does not offer evening degree programs, and 23% of courses have 40 to 99 students. With regard to your personal finances, be aware that the average amount of aid awarded through institutional grants is $8,529. Respecting demographics, Asian American undergraduates make up 2% of the student body and 2% of undergrads are not yet 18. With regard for student life, it offers 4 men's varsity sports. To conclude, six years after graduation, the lowest-earning quartile of graduates take home $25,700 or less and on average, its students graduate with $6,113 per year of debts.

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