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Best Colleges For Cyber Computer Forensics And Counterterrorism




If you find cyber computer forensics and counterterrorism to be exceptionally spellbinding, you're likely to be planning on becoming a cybercrime investigator, computer forensics analyst or maybe even an FBI agent. The average graduate who obtains a degree in cyber computer forensics and counterterrorism brings home a salary of $63,499 per year, which is 58.4% above the median American income and 79% more than the average salary for a help desk technician. Our crew of educational researchers reviewed every single university in the country and couldn't be more on cloud nine to reveal the in-depth 2021 Best Colleges for Cyber Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism list. You might find a couple of the colleges to be surprising. The South Atlantic leads America in creating top-notch colleges for cyber computer forensics and counterterrorism, accounting for 4 of the top 10 ranks. The runner up is the Mid-Atlantic, having 2 of the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for cyber computer forensics and counterterrorism have a mid-sized average enrollment of 7,698 full-time undergraduates. They are accessible to most, not very selective, with an average admittance rate of 71.6%, and their accepted students have a mean ACT score of 24. On average, they cost around $18,514 a year, after aid, and their undergraduates obtain a median of $8,672 in financial assistance each year. In addition, they enroll a median of 16.5 students per professor, and their mean overall rating on School Authority is 9.
Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD

Salisbury University is a public university in Salisbury, MD. It ranks #275 in America on our favorite colleges list, and admission is not that selective, given its 62% acceptance rate. It is a medium-sized university with 7,550 full-time undergrads enrolled. 8% of its graduates are awarded a Bachelor's in Communications. Additional in-demand options include Psychology, Social Work and Youth Services, and Biology, but there are 41 different focuses to choose from. It ranks first in Maryland for its public policy program. In addition, Salisbury University placed 1st in MD on our best college food list. For applicants raised in Maryland, tuition costs $9,332 a year. Applicants applying from out-of-state have to lay out $20,502. Before you decide not to apply due to the cost, be cognizant that 88% of undergrads procure at least some financial aid. 69% of Salisbury University undergraduates graduate, hoping to land their dream jobs. Two years after graduating, alumni take home a median annual income of $38,800. After another four years in the labor force, the alumni's median annual income rises 30.2% to $50,500, which is 25.9% more than the national median salary. Applicants might also like to be aware that its students' SAT scores on the math section typically range from 540 to 620 and college prep courses are recommended to apply. Secondly, it does not offer a teacher certification program, and about 84% of first-year students enroll the following year. Relating to your personal finances, be aware that the average student spends around $6,602 on housing each year. Our higher education experts rated it a 7.52 out of 10 for its location and our team of researchers rated it a 9.01 for its campus. With respect to life on campus, on average, undergraduates spend $4,750 on meal plans annually. Finally, a fourth of graduates earn $68,600 or more, six years after graduation and the highest-earning 1/4th of graduates take home a starting salary of $51,500 or more.

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University of the Incarnate Word
San Antonio, TX

University of the Incarnate Word is a private, Catholic university located on an incredible campus in San Antonio, TX. Admission is not selective, as the acceptance rate is 88%. We've ranked it #401 in the USA on our favorite colleges list. It is a small sized university with full-time enrollment of 4,237 students. University of the Incarnate Word offers 65 available majors across eight disciplines. The most commonly in-demand options are Business, Biology, and Nursing, which when consolidated make up 30% of students. It ranks 4th in Texas for its health professions program. In addition, University of the Incarnate Word places 3rd in Texas for best colleges with rolling admissions. For applicants based in Texas, full price tuition runs $29,909 per year. Non-Texas students, however, must shell out $33,058. Before you decide against applying due to the price, know that each and every undergraduate receives at least some grant or scholarship funding. 48% of University of the Incarnate Word undergraduates roll with punches to graduation day and start the next phase of their lives: full-time employment. On average, alumni make an annual income of $37,100 a couple years after college. After another four years in the job market, the alumni's median yearly earnings rises 25.3% to $46,500, which is 16% more than the national median wage. Applicants may also like to be conscious of the fact that its undergrads generally scored between 480 and 580 on the reading section of the SAT and most students achieved scores between 15 and 22 on the ACT English component. In addition, about 77% of first-year students continue to pursue their studies the next year. On the subject of costs, be aware that if your household has an annual income of $49k to $75k, you should be paying around $23,267 per year for tuition and the average amount of aid awarded through state grants is $4,096. Its student housing rating on School Authority is 8.76 and our research team rated it an 8.76 for its party scene. Concerning the student experience, 46% of first-year undergraduates live in on-campus housing. To wrap things up, six years after graduation, 88% of alumni are employed and six years after receiving their degrees, 25% of graduates earn $28,600 or less.

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Champlain College
Burlington, VT

Champlain College is a private, online college located in Burlington, VT. The acceptance rate is 75%, making it not really selective. On our best overall colleges list, we've ranked it #500 in the United States. It has a small student body with full-time enrollment of 2,336 undergrads. its most in-demand major is a Computer and Information Systems Security Certificate, which makes up 8% of the student body. Alternative popular selections include Business, which accounts for 6% of students, and Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism (6%). If you are hoping to get a degree in information technology, it is the perfect school for you, because its information technology program is one of the best in the United States. Additionally, it places 1st in VT according to our top colleges with rolling admissions list. At full price, tuition is $38,959 a year for in-state students. If you aren't located in Vermont, tuition can cost as much as $43,060. Before you decide against applying due to the cost, be aware that all students procure at least some financial support. 65% of Champlain College undergraduates graduate college, fresh and anticipating to find an amazing career. On average, graduates take home an annual salary of $38,800 two years after college. After four additional years in the job market, their average annual earnings climbs 17% to $45,400, which is 13.2% higher than the national median for individuals. Applying students may also like to be aware that ACT scores are submitted by 25% of applicants. Also, 100% of courses have 20 to 39 students. Concerning your personal finances, be aware that the average tuition for people from households earning between $30k and $48k a year is roughly $29,072 and on average, undergrads spend around $6,024 on a meal plan per year. For value, it received a 9.01 out of 10 and our college experts rated it an 8.76 in academics. Regarding the campus experience, first-year students can choose to live off campus. In closing, one quarter of graduates make a starting salary of at least $54,700 and the average student graduates with $9,836 per year of debt.

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