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Best Colleges For Divinity Ministry And Pre Theology




If you want to major in divinity ministry and pre theology, you've probably thought about pursuing a career as a minister, a theologist, or a professor of divinity. On average, divinity ministry and pre theology grads earn an annual wage of $51,818, which is 29.2% greater than the median American income and 48.2% more than an average finance assistant's income. Our crew of higher-education specialists examined every university in the US in order to create our official 2021 Best Colleges for Divinity Ministry and Pre Theology list. We are sure that you will find the best fit for you! The Midwest leads the United States in yielding top colleges for divinity ministry and pre theology, accounting for 3 of the top 10 standings. Next is the Southeast, with 2 in the top 10. To tell you a few interesting things about our first choices, the 10 highest ranked colleges for divinity ministry and pre theology have full-time enrollments ranging from 724 - 5,852 students. They have an average acceptance rate of 73.2%, and their admitted students scored from 1055 - 1230 on the SAT. On average, they cost around $24,391 per year, after financial aid, and their students receive from $6,443 to $28,669 on average in aid each year. Further, they have a mean student--faculty ratio of 12:1, and their median academics rating on School Authority is 8.625.
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN

Valparaiso University is a private, Christian university located in Valparaiso, IN. It is a well-rated institution, ranking two hundred and thirty-fifth in the United States, with an acceptance rate of 89%. It has a smaller sized student body with 3,310 full-time students enrolled. 17% of graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Additional frequently selected focuses include Civil Engineering, Psychology, and Biology, but there are 59 unique options to choose from. It has a strong environmental science program, ranking second in Indiana. Also, Valparaiso University ranks 2nd in IN for best colleges with rolling admissions. Tuition runs $42,546 annually at the sticker price. That being said, 100% of undergraduates acquire at least some grant or scholarship funding. 72% of Valparaiso University undergraduates wind up their schooling with a diploma in hand, heading into the labor market ready to make an income. On average, alumni take home an annual income of $39,400 a couple years after graduating. After another four years in the labor force, the graduate's average wage rises 23.1% to $48,500, which is 20.9% over the national median earnings. Some of you might like to know that it is required that you include your high school transcript when applying and you can submit your Valparaiso University application utilizing the Common App. What's more, 49% of courses are small, with 20 to 39 students. When it comes to your checkbook, be aware that 99% of students are awarded institutional grants to subsidize their studies. In terms of demographics, 18% of undergraduates come from households with an income less than $30k and in-state students make up 41% of the undergraduate population. Concerning campus life, 21% of female students are part of a sorority. To wrap things up, six years after graduation, the highest-earning fourth of graduates rake in $70,600 or more and six years after graduation, 5% of graduates are not employed.

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Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK

Oral Roberts University is a private, Christian university located in Tulsa, OK. We've ranked it #324 in the USA on our favorite colleges list, and admission is within reach for most, as the acceptance rate is 81%. It is a small sized university with full-time enrollment of 2,722 students. its most preferred major is a Bachelor's in Business, which accounts for 9% of students. Additional commonly preferred fields include Divinity, Ministry, and Pre-Theology, which accounts for 7% of students, and Nursing (7%). If you would like to study education or religious studies in Oklahoma but don't have high test scores, it is a great option for you, because it ranks first in the state for both these programs. Also, it ranked 1st in OK for top colleges with rolling admissions. Tuition goes for $29,114 annually at full sticker price. It is, however, worth noting that a touch less than 9 in 10 undergraduates receive at least some scholarship or grant funding. 56% of Oral Roberts University undergraduates graduate, all set to join the labor market. The median graduate makes $29,900 two years after commencement. After four additional years of work experience, the alumni's median yearly salary rises 25.8% to $37,600; however, that is still 6.2% behind the national median income for individuals. Those of you applying might like to know that a bit above one in every three applying students submit the SAT. Also, 18% of first-time students don't enroll again the next year, and it does not provide a remote program. With regard for your checkbook, be aware that the average amount of state grant aid awarded is $3,850. Concerning demographics, the student body is made up of 13% Hispanic students and Indigenous American undergraduates make up 3% of the undergraduate population. Regarding the student experience, 67% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing. Lastly, the lowest-earning 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of $18,100 or less and one out of four graduates take home a starting salary of at least $42,700.

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Belmont University
Nashville, TN

Belmont University is a private, Christian university located in Nashville, TN. Admission is not selective, as the acceptance rate is 82%. It ranks #437 in the US on our best colleges list. It is a mid-sized institution with 5,852 full-time undergrads enrolled. 19% of its graduates procure a Bachelor's degree in Music Management. Alternative commonly decided focuses include Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Music, but there are 63 distinct offerings to select from. If you are interested in focusing on arts management but don't have the best grades, it is an excellent school for you, because its arts management program ranks second best in the United States. Additionally, it is the 3rd best mid-sized college in TN based on our research. At full price, tuition runs $45,761 a year for Tennessee-based applicants but $50,578 if your residence is not in Tennessee. Before you decide against applying due to cost constraints, be conscious that over nine tenths undergraduates obtain grant or scholarship funding. 74% of Belmont University undergraduates culminate their schooling with a diploma in hand, hopeful and ready to move into the labor market. The average graduate goes on to make an income of $34,600 two years after receiving their diplomas. After 4 more years of experience, the graduate's median annual income climbs 27.5% to $44,100, which is 10% over the national median wage for individuals. Some of you may like to be conscious of the fact that most students got between 22 and 27 on the ACT math component and 78% of applicants submit their ACT scores. In addition, 39% of classes have only 2 to 19 students, and the student-professor ratio is 14:1. With regard to your pocketbook, be aware that the average student spends around $6,327 on housing each year and it offers a tuition guarantee plan, insuring that your tuition will remain the same during your enrollment. With respect to demographics, 2% of students are international and 18% of undergrads are from a household with a yearly income less than $30k. With regard for campus life, at Belmont University, students can sign up for many music clubs like Choral Groups or Opera. In closing, 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of $19,300 or less and six years after college, the lowest-earning quarter of graduates take home $26,100 or less.

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