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Best Colleges For Educational Administration




Does educational administration spark your interest? If we're right on point, you're potentially planning on becoming a school administrator, a principal, or a special education program administrator. On average, graduates who receive a degree in educational administration bring home a yearly income of $53,088, which, as a reference, is 1.32 times the United States median and 4% over the mean salary of a maintenance electrician. Our team of higher-education experts reviewed every single college in the country in order to form the all-encompassing 2021 Best Colleges for Educational Administration list. A handful of our top picks may be shocking! North Carolina heads up the country in generating top-tier colleges for educational administration, with 2 of the top 10 seats. Following North Carolina is Missouri, having 1 of the top 10. To share a few things about our first choices with you, the top 10 colleges for educational administration have an 82.5% median admittance rate. On average, their students received 1192 and 25 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. They have a median tuition cost of $18,221 after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their students are awarded a median of $9,128.5 in financial aid every year. For their overall quality, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.
Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK

Oral Roberts University is a private, Christian university located in Tulsa, OK. We've ranked it #324 in the USA on our favorite colleges list, and admission is within reach for most, as the acceptance rate is 81%. It is a small sized university with full-time enrollment of 2,722 students. its most preferred major is a Bachelor's in Business, which accounts for 9% of students. Additional commonly preferred fields include Divinity, Ministry, and Pre-Theology, which accounts for 7% of students, and Nursing (7%). If you would like to study education or religious studies in Oklahoma but don't have high test scores, it is a great option for you, because it ranks first in the state for both these programs. Also, it ranked 1st in OK for top colleges with rolling admissions. Tuition goes for $29,114 annually at full sticker price. It is, however, worth noting that a touch less than 9 in 10 undergraduates receive at least some scholarship or grant funding. 56% of Oral Roberts University undergraduates graduate, all set to join the labor market. The median graduate makes $29,900 two years after commencement. After four additional years of work experience, the alumni's median yearly salary rises 25.8% to $37,600; however, that is still 6.2% behind the national median income for individuals. Those of you applying might like to know that a bit above one in every three applying students submit the SAT. Also, 18% of first-time students don't enroll again the next year, and it does not provide a remote program. With regard for your checkbook, be aware that the average amount of state grant aid awarded is $3,850. Concerning demographics, the student body is made up of 13% Hispanic students and Indigenous American undergraduates make up 3% of the undergraduate population. Regarding the student experience, 67% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing. Lastly, the lowest-earning 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of $18,100 or less and one out of four graduates take home a starting salary of at least $42,700.

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