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Best Colleges For Engineering Mechanics




If you've always dreamt of majoring in engineering mechanics, you're likely to be planning on becoming a mechanical engineer. Graduates who receive a degree in engineering mechanics bring in an average annual salary of $76,940, which, just so you know, is 91.9% over the national median and 52% higher than the mean income of a minister. Our team of educational researchers examined every school in the US and are eager to reveal the extensive 2021 Best Colleges for Engineering Mechanics list. We hope you find the perfect fit for you! Texas leads the country in generating high-end colleges for engineering mechanics, with 4 of the top 10 positions. Next in line is Montana, having 1 of the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for engineering mechanics have full-time enrollments ranging from 817 to 34,243 students. They have an average admittance rate of 63.2%, and their students have an average ACT score of 29. On average, their undergrads cough up around $16,273 per year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their students are awarded a median of $11,822 in financial assistance each year. In addition, they enroll a median of 14 students per faculty member, and their median rating for academics on School Authority is 8.985.