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Best Colleges For Fire Protection And Prevention




If you really want to become an expert in fire protection and prevention, you've probably thought about pursuing a future as a fire protection engineer or a fire prevention specialist. The average income for a fire protection and prevention graduate is $77,811, which, just so you know, is 94% more than the national median and 23% under the average senior research scientist 's wage. Our team of educational analysts assessed all the data in order to give rise to our encyclopedic 2021 Best Colleges for Fire Protection and Prevention list. You might be interested in some of our highest ranking colleges. The Midwest leads the USA in creating exceptional colleges for fire protection and prevention, accounting for 7 of the top 10 schools. Next is the Mid-Atlantic, with 1 of the top 10. To share some facts about our first choices with you, the 10 highest ranked colleges for fire protection and prevention have a 78.5% median admittance rate. Their mean enrollment is 9,974 full-time undergrads and their mean graduation rate is 59%. On average, in-state tuition costs $7,299, compared to $16,318 for students from out-of-state. Further, they have a median of 18 undergraduates per faculty member. For their overall college rankings, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.