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Best Colleges For Fire Science And Fire Fighting




If you long to study fire science and firefighting, you're likely to be planning on becoming a firefighter, a forest fire inspector, or a fire investigator. Graduates who receive a degree in fire science and firefighting commonly rake in an annual salary of $71,938, which is 39.3% above the average sales consultant's annual earnings. Our squad of educational researchers assessed each and every college in the USA and are over the moon to bring to your attention the all-encompassing 2021 best colleges for fire science and fire fighting list. We have no doubt that you find the ideal college for you. Wisconsin heads up the nation in creating premier colleges for fire science and firefighting, having 2 of the top 10 positions. The 10 Best Colleges for Fire Science and Firefighting admit, on average, between 12% and 100% of applicants. Their students' SAT scores range from 1060 - 1360, and they cost students an average of $12,162 a year, after financial aid and scholarships. On average, their student bodies range from very small to very large with 544 - 32,953 full-time students, and they have student-to-faculty ratios ranging from 9:1 to 19:1. Lastly, their mean overall rating on our website is 9.