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Best Colleges For Forensic Science And Technology




Are you planning on studying forensic science and technology? If that's true, you might be looking into a future as a forensic scientist, a forensic toxicologist, or a bloodstain pattern analyst. The average annual income for a forensic science and technology graduate is $54,884, which, as a reference, is 36.9% north of the US median and 15.9% beneath the average salary for an instrument and electrical technician. Our higher-education researchers pored over all the data and are pleased to give you our in-depth 2021 Best Colleges for Forensic Science and Technology list. We're confident that you will discover the best fit for you. The Big Ten Conference heads up the US in creating five-star colleges for forensic science and technology, accounting for 2 of the top 10 spots. The runner up is the Missouri Valley Conference, with 1 of the top 10. To share a few things about our first choices with you, the 10 Best Colleges for Forensic Science and Technology have an average enrollment of 21,738 full-time students. They have a 63% median admittance rate, and their undergrads scored between 24 and 30 on the ACT. On average, their students end up paying approximately $25,333 per year, after financial aid, and their undergrads receive $16,812 on average in financial assistance each year. Furthermore, they have a median student-to-faculty ratio of 15.5:1, and their mean overall rating on our site is 9.