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Best Colleges For General Construction Trades




Do you have an intellectual infatuation with general construction trades? If so, you've probably thought about pursuing a future as a construction worker, a carpenter, or a construction associate. General construction trades grads, on average, bring in an annual salary of $104,480, which is 160.5% greater than the US median and 6.5% south of the mean salary for a program manager, it. Our staff of educational analysts examined every piece of data and couldn't be more excited to bring to your attention our quintessential 2021 Best Colleges for General Construction Trades list. We hope you find the perfect school for you! The Midwest leads the United States in providing first-tier colleges for general construction trades, accounting for 7 of the top 10 spaces. Next is the Mountain States, having 2 of the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for General Construction Trades have almost available to everyone admissions, with a 92.3% average admittance rate. Their median full-time enrollment is 2,784 students and their average graduation rate is 57%. On average, their in-state tuition costs $7,166, but is $12,603 for students from out-of-state. Moreover, they have a mean student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1. For their overall college rankings, they received a median score of 8.76 on School Authority.