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Best Colleges For Genetics




If you're riveted by genetics, you might be looking into a career as a geneticist, a biomedical researcher, or a genetic counselor. Grads with this major take home an average annual salary of $78,225, which is 1.95 times the nationwide median and 63.9% more than the average wage of a mental health clinician. Our team of college researchers pored through every piece of information and couldn't be more thrilled to present the official 2021 Best Colleges for Genetics list. A handful of our picks might be intriguing to you! The South Atlantic heads up America in producing marvelous colleges for genetics, accounting for 4 of the top 10 spaces. The runner up is the Midwest, with 3 of the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for genetics accept between 29% and 68% of applicants. Their students received a mean of 1320 and 29 on the SAT and ACT, respectively, and they cost an average of $18,327 a year, after financial aid. On average, their student bodies range from bigger to huge with 10,348 - 44,387 full-time students, and they have student--faculty ratios ranging from 13:1 to 21:1. Last but not least, their overall ratings on School Authority range from 9.21-10.