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Best Colleges For Health Aides And Attendants




If you long to get a degree in health aid & attendance, you might be interested in a career as a health aide. On average, home health aides earn a yearly salary of $22,470, which as a reference is 44% under the median American earnings and 36.6% behind the average salary of a fumigator. Our crew of higher-education analysts examined each and every university in the USA and are elated to share with you our quintessential 2021 Best Colleges for Health Aides and Attendants list. You may find a few of our picks to be surprising! The Midwest heads up the country in creating sensational colleges for health aides and attendants, accounting for 8 of the top 10 places. Following the Midwest is the West Coast, having 1 in the top 10. To tell you a few things about our top picks, the 10 Best Colleges for Health Aides and Attendants have an average admittance rate of 100%. Their student bodies range from very small to mid-sized with 429 - 6,012 full-time undergraduates and their median graduation rate is 48%. On average, in-state undergraduates pay $4,641 in tuition, while students from out-of-state pay $7,144. Furthermore, they have a mean student--faculty ratio of 15:1. For their academics, they were rated an average of 8 on School Authority.