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Best Colleges For Human Computer Interaction




If you're passionate about human computer interaction, you might be looking into a career as an user experience researcher, an UX designer, or a front-end developer. The average human computer interaction grad rakes in a yearly salary of $76,558, which, as a reference, is 90.9% higher than the national median and 85.8% beyond the mean salary of an expanded functions dental assistant. Our crew of higher-education consultants sifted through the statistics and are excited to come out with the all-encompassing 2021 Best Colleges for Human Computer Interaction list. A couple of our top choices could be surprising! Washington and Massachusetts lead the country in producing sensational colleges for human computer interaction, each accounting for 2 of the top 10 places. Next in line is California, having 1 in the top 10. To share a few facts about our top picks with you, the top 10 colleges for human computer interaction admit, on average, 59.1% of applicants. Their students scored between 1100 and 1455 on the SAT, and they cost students an average of $26,141 per year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships. On average, their median full-time enrollment is 5,757 undergrads, and they have student--faculty ratios that range from 9:1 to 20:1. Finally, their mean overall rating on School Authority is 9.
University of Advancing Technology
Tempe, AZ

University of Advancing Technology is a private, online university headquartered in Tempe, AZ. It ranks #835 in the US on our best overall colleges list, and admission is attainable for most, with an 83% acceptance rate. its most frequently decided major is a Bachelor's in Computer Programming, which represents 26% of the student body. Alternative popular picks include Intelligence, which accounts for 19% of students, and Game Design and Interactive Media (16%). If you are interested in getting a degree in administrative and clerical at a university in Arizona but don't have the best grades, it is an amazing choice for you, because its administrative and clerical program ranks 8th in the state. In addition, University of Advancing Technology places 1st in AZ according to our best online colleges list. For students not receiving aid, in-state tuition goes for $38,193 a year, but for applicants from outside of Arizona, tuition costs $34,556. Before you decide against applying due to the price, you should know that over 9 in 10 undergrads obtain at least some financial support. 24% of University of Advancing Technology undergraduates graduate, fresh and hoping to find a high paying career. On average, graduates take home a yearly salary of $33,700 a couple years after finishing their studies. After four additional years working, the graduate's average annual wage climbs 37.7% to $46,400, which is 15.7% above the national median salary. Applicants may also like to be aware that your high school rank is neither required nor recommended to apply. Also, the student-professor ratio is 11:1. When it comes to finances, be aware that students awarded state grants receive $5,966 in financial aid on average. Its student life rating on School Authority is 8.49 and when rating its undergraduate housing, it received an 8.24. Relating to student life, the average meal plan cost is $4,370 per year. Finally, six years after graduation, one out of every four graduates earn $29,200 or less and one quarter of graduates receive a starting salary of $18,500 or less.

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