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Best Colleges For Hvac And Refrigeration Engineering Technician




If you really want to learn more about HVAC and refrigeration engineering technology, you might be interested in a career as a HVAC engineering technician. On average, HVAC and refrigeration engineering technology graduates earn a yearly salary of $41,432, which, just for reference, is 3.3% beyond the United States median and 45.4% short of the average marketing automation manager's salary. Our crew of higher-education experts assessed all the data and couldn't be more on cloud nine to reveal the conclusive 2021 Best Colleges for Hvac and Refrigeration Engineering Technicians list. We are confident that you will discover the right college for you! Wisconsin leads the country in creating marvelous colleges for HVAC and refrigeration engineering technicians, housing 2 of the top 10 spots. Next in line is Mississippi, having 1 in the top 10. To share some facts about our top choices with you, the top 10 colleges for HVAC and refrigeration engineering technicians are nearly obtainable by anybody, with admittance rates ranging from 70% to 100%. They accept students with a mean SAT score of 1265, and have student body sizes ranging from very small to huge, with between 340 and 21,490 full-time undergraduates. Moreover, their net cost is $9,496 on average, after taking scholarships and grants into account, and their student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1 on average. Lastly, they range from 8-9.53 for their academics ratings on School Authority.