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Best Colleges For Industrial Electronics Technician




If you're thinking about studying industrial electronics technology, you've probably considered a career as an Industrial Electrician, an Electrician, or a Maintenance Electrician. Graduates who studied industrial electronics technology take home an average annual salary of $46,498, which, just so you know, is 16% over the national median and 24% beneath the average director of catering's wage. Our higher-education pundits pored through the stats in order to generate the official 2021 Best Colleges for Industrial Electronics Technicians list. You're probably going to be intrigued by one or two of this year's highest ranking choices! Wisconsin leads the US in yielding remarkable colleges for industrial electronics technicians, with 7 of the top 10 positions. Next in line is Kansas, with 2 in the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for industrial electronics technicians have full-time enrollments ranging from 333 - 5,126 students. They have a 100% median acceptance rate, and their undergraduates' mean. On average, their students end up paying close to $8,748 per year, after aid, and their students receive between $3,983 and $5,676 on average in financial aid each year. Also, they enroll a median of 13.5 undergrads per faculty member, and their academics ratings on School Authority range from 7.98-9.01.