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Best Colleges For Landscape Architecture




If landscape architecture mesmerizes you, you're probably planning on becoming an urban planner, a senior landscape designer, or a project architect. The average landscape architecture grad brings home $56,747 annually, which for reference is 41.5% more than the median American wage and 27.6% less than the average salary for a technical sourcer. Our team of higher-education consultants examined every university in the US and couldn't be more eager to bring to your attention our consummate 2021 Best Colleges for Landscape Architecture list. A handful of our top choices may be shocking! The Midwest and the South Atlantic lead America in delivering first-class colleges for landscape architecture, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 standings. Next is the West Coast, housing 2 in the top 10. The top 10 colleges for landscape architecture have acceptance rates between 11% and 65%. Their full-time undergrad enrollment ranges from 13,096 up to 34,243 and their median graduation rate is 86.5%. On average, in-state students pay $20,090 in tuition, while those from out-of-state pay $37,769. Furthermore, they have a median of 17.5 undergraduates per faculty member. For their academics, they were rated an average of 10 on School Authority.