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Best Colleges For Licensed Practical Nurse Training




If you've always felt compelled by licensed practical nurse training, you're probably interested in becoming a charge nurse, a nurse case manager, or an assistant director of nursing. The average graduate with a degree in licensed practical nurse training brings home a salary of $42,236 per year, which just for reference is 5.3% north of the United States median and 22.7% shy of the average income of a medical nurse. Our crew of college specialists studied every single school in the United States to prepare our comprehensive 2021 Best Colleges for Licensed Practical Nurse Training list. You'll most likely find some of the colleges to be surprising! The Midwest leads America in generating top-rung colleges for licensed practical nurse training, accounting for 4 of the top 10 spots. Next is the Mountain States, housing 2 in the top 10. To share a little overview of our first picks, the 10 highest ranked colleges for licensed practical nurse training have a 100% median acceptance rate. On average, their admitted students scored 1170 on the SAT. They have a mean tuition cost of $9,953, after aid, and their undergraduates receive a mean amount of $4,794 in financial aid each year. For their overall college rankings, they were rated an average of 8 on School Authority.
Stanbridge University
Irvine, CA

Stanbridge University is a private university located in Irvine, CA. The acceptance rate is 53%, making it not quite selective. On our best overall colleges list, it ranks #309 in the US. It is a small university with full-time enrollment of 1,114 students. 42% of graduates procure a Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN) Certificate. Other routinely decided options include Veterinary Technician and Assistant, Physical Therapy Technician, and Nursing, but there are 5 offerings to choose from. It ranks 13th in the United States for its medical assistant technology program which is the #1 medical assistant technology program in California. What's more, it placed 1st in California according to our top colleges with rolling admissions list. 68% of Stanbridge University students walk on commencement day, prepared to start their careers. On average, alumni go on to make an annual income of $40,400 two years after receiving their diplomas, which is 0.7% higher than the national median income. Applicants might like to be aware that it is considered but not required that you share your GPA when submitting your application. Further, it has a teacher certification program. Relating to finances, be aware that 65% of undergraduates are awarded Pell grants to subsidize their education and the average amount of Pell grant aid awarded is $3,637. Its location rating on School Authority is 8.49 and when grading its professors, it received a 7.52 out of 10. In terms of the student experience, it does not have on-campus housing. Finally, the lowest-earning 25% of graduates earn a starting salary of $23,000 or less and under one out of twenty graduates default on their student debt.