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Best Colleges For Manufacturing Engineering Technician




Do you long to get a degree in manufacturing engineering technology? If that's true, you're probably interested in becoming a manufacturing engineering technician. On average, graduates with this major earn $72,754 annually, which interestingly is 1.81 times the nationwide median and 89% greater than an average treatment coordinator, dental's income. Our staff of educational pundits assessed every single university in the United States to construct the definitive 2021 Best Colleges for Manufacturing Engineering Technicians list. A couple of our choices could be shocking! The Midwest leads the US in producing exemplary colleges for manufacturing engineering technicians, accounting for 6 of the top 10 ranks. Next is the West Coast, housing 3 in the top 10. To give you some basic info on our top picks, the top 10 colleges for manufacturing engineering technicians have acceptance rates ranging from 30% to 93%. Their average student body size is 21,374 and their undergraduates finish their studies 73% of the time on average. On average, their median in-state tuition is $10,747.5, while the out-of-state tuition median is $25,973. Also, they enroll an average of 18 students per faculty member. For their overall quality, they were given a median score of 9.21 on our site.
Bradley University
Peoria, IL

Bradley University is a private university located in Peoria, IL. It is a moderately rated institution, ranked one hundred and seventy-eighth in the US, but accepts 67% of applicants. It has a smaller sized student body with full-time enrollment of 4,737 undergrads. 8% of its graduates receive a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Alternative preferred choices include Accounting, Business, and Civil Engineering, but there are 80 available focuses to choose from. If you are planning on getting a degree in health professions, design, engineering or nursing while living in Illinois, it is a great option for you, because it is ranked 4th in the state for all 4 of these programs. Additionally, Bradley University places 3rd in IL for best test optional colleges. For students paying full freight, tuition runs $31,692 annually. Before you decide against applying because of cost constraints, keep in mind that 100% of undergraduates receive at least some grant or scholarship funding. 77% of Bradley University students make it through to commencement day, geared up to start their vocational journey. The median graduate makes an income of $42,900 two years after commencement. After 4 more years of experience, the graduate's median annual income climbs 24.9% to $53,600, which is 33.7% north of the national median. Many of you might also like to be aware that most students scored between 23 and 28 on the ACT and you are required to take the SAT or ACT to apply. Further, on average, it receives around $743 in research funding per student. On the subject of finances, be aware that students awarded Pell grants receive $4,192 in financial aid on average and 33% of undergrads obtain federal grants to subsidize their education. When grading its location, it received a 7.52 and our college specialists rated it an 8.5 out of 10 for its undergraduate housing. Regarding the student experience, first-year undergraduates don't have to live in on-campus housing. To wind things up, on average, its students graduate with $7,521 per year of debts and 3% of graduates are not employed two years after college.

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