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Best Colleges For Medical Insurance Billing And Claims




If you long to get a degree in medical insurance billing and claims, you might be looking into a career as a medical billing and collection specialist. The average medical insurance billing and claims graduate brings home a yearly salary of $32,364, which, for your reference, is 19.3% lower than the nationwide median and 1.3% shy of the mean income of a grader. Our team of higher-education specialists reviewed every single school in the United States of America and are ecstatic to share with you the all-encompassing 2021 Best Colleges for Medical Insurance Billing and Claims list. Some of our choices might be surprising. Georgia and Illinois head up the US in providing first-tier colleges for medical insurance billing and claims, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 slots. Next in line is Arkansas, having 1 of the top 10. To tell you a few interesting things about our first picks, the 10 Best Colleges for Medical Insurance Billing and Claims have a 99% average acceptance rate. Their students averaged a 22 on the ACT. They cost an average of $6,420 per year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships. On average, they are small sized colleges, with a mean full-time enrollment of 2,789, and they have a mean student--faculty ratio of 17:1. In closing, their academic programs received an average score of 8 on our website.