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Best Colleges For Medical Records Administration




If you've always felt compelled by medical records administration, you've probably thought about pursuing a future as a medical records administrator. The average wage for a medical records administration graduate is $30,987, which, just so you know, is 22.7% less than the nationwide median and 58% under the mean income of an ux designer. Our crew of college researchers reviewed each and every college in the country and couldn't be more elated to reveal the exhaustive 2021 Best Colleges for Medical Records Administration list. We're hopeful that you will discover the ideal program for you! Pennsylvania and Ohio head up the nation in delivering out of this world colleges for medical records administration, each housing 2 of the top 10 schools. Next is Mississippi, with 1 of the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for Medical Records Administration have an average enrollment of 23,027 full-time undergrads. They accept, on average, 64.6% of applicants, and their students' median SAT and ACT scores are 1275 and 28, respectively. On average, they cost approximately $19,177 annually, after financial aid and scholarships, and their students receive between $7,007 and $26,358 on average in financial assistance per year. Additionally, they enroll a median of 16.5 undergrads per professor, and their median overall rating on School Authority is 9.66.