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Best Colleges For Medical Social Work




Do you find medical social work to be especially gripping? If so, you might be considering a future as a medical social worker. On average, medical social work graduates take home a salary of $56,682 per year, which is 41.4% beyond the US median and 19.3% behind the average salary of a strategic planner. Our team of educational specialists combed through the stats and are elated to present our meticulously researched 2021 Best Colleges for Medical Social Work list. We wish you all the best during this exciting chapter of your life. The Southwest heads up the United States in generating dynamite colleges for medical social work, accounting for 5 of the top 10 positions. The runner up is the Midwest, housing 4 of the top 10. To give you some basic facts about our top picks, the 10 highest ranked colleges for medical social work accept, on average, between 60% and 100% of applicants. Their student bodies range from small to midsized with 1,182 to 6,116 full-time students and their undergrads finish their degrees 34% of the time on average. On average, in-state tuition is $4,834, compared to $7,558 for students from out-of-state. Also, they have an average of 15 undergraduates for each professor. For their academics, they were given ratings on School Authority that range from 7.98 to 8.76.