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Best Colleges For Metal And Jewelry Arts




Do you long to study metal and jewelry arts? If so, you've probably considered a career as a jewelry designer, an engraving technician, or a bench jeweler. The average wage for a metal and jewelry arts grad is $60,769, which is 68.3% above the average annual income of a resident services coordinator. Our team of college pundits sifted through every piece of information and are ecstatic to give you our conclusive 2021 Best Colleges for Metal and Jewelry Arts list. You will probably find a few of the colleges to be surprising. The Mid-Atlantic leads the US in yielding first-class colleges for metal and jewelry arts, accounting for 4 of the top 10 standings. the West Coast follows the Mid-Atlantic, housing 2 of the top 10. To tell you a few interesting facts about our first choices, the 10 highest ranked colleges for metal and jewelry arts have a larger average enrollment of 10,106 full-time students. They accept 62.8% of applicants on average, and their undergrads scored between 25 and 30 on the ACT. On average, their students pay close to $19,609 a year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their undergrads receive from $4,502 - $27,610 on average in aid per year. Additionally, they have a median student--faculty ratio of 14.5:1, and their overall ratings on School Authority range from 8 to 10.
Academy of Art University
San Francisco, CA

Academy of Art University is a private, online university in San Francisco, CA. The acceptance rate is 100%, making it open to all. On our all-around top colleges list, we've ranked it #760 in the US. 11% of its graduates receive a Bachelor's in Drafting and Design (CAD/CADD). Other preferred choices include Computer Graphics, Fashion and Apparel Design, and Fashion and Apparel Merchandising, but there are 29 total courses of study to choose from. Its architecture program is ranked number twelve in California. Also, It ranked 1st in CA for best college locations. At full price, tuition costs $24,839 a year for students based in California but $27,454 for out of state applicants. That being said, a touch more than 3 out of 5 undergrads receive at least some financial aid. 41% of Academy of Art University undergraduates graduate, awaiting to find their dream jobs. On average, graduates earn an annual income of $26,900 two years after graduating. After 4 more years of work experience, the graduate's average income climbs 43.5% to $38,600; however, that is still 3.7% less than the national median income for individuals. Some of you might want to be aware that it is required that you share your high school transcript on your application. Additionally, the student-professor ratio is 14:1. Concerning your cash flow, be aware that 36% of undergraduates receive federal grants. Relating to demographics, 18% of students are from households with an income between $30k and $48k and Black professors make up 2% of the faculty. With regard for student life, the average cost of a meal plan is $5,369 annually. To wind things up, two years after graduating, 18% of alums are out of work and one out of four graduates rake in $19,100 or less six years after receiving their degrees.