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Best Colleges For Military Science




If you're considering majoring in military science, you've probably considered a future as a scientific and technical intelligence officer, a combat engineer, or an Army General. The average income for a graduate who studied military science is $92,118, which, just so you know, is greater than double the nationwide median and 1.92 times the average radiographer's salary. Our staff of higher-education analysts assessed every university in America and couldn't be more proud to put forth the in-depth 2021 Best Colleges for Military Science list. A handful of our top choices may be surprising to you. Oklahoma heads up the United States in creating stellar colleges for military science, with 2 of the top 7 spaces. Following Oklahoma is Colorado, having 1 in the top 7. The 7 Best Colleges for Military Science accept 74.57% of applicants on average. They admit students with a median SAT score of 1282 and a median ACT score of 30, and have full-time enrollments ranging from 593 up to 33,122 undergraduates. Furthermore, their net tuition is $9,056 on average, after taking financial aid into account, and their student--faculty ratio is 14:1 on average. Last but not least, they scored an average overall School Authority rating of 9.