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Best Colleges For Nursing Assistant




If you've always dreamt of majoring in nursing assistance, you might be interested in a future as a nursing assistant. The average annual salary for a graduate with a degree in nursing assistance is $26,958, which is 73.4% under an average regional sales director's yearly earnings. Our cadre of college consultants assessed every single college in America to devise our quintessential 2021 Best Colleges for Nursing Assistant list. You will probably find a few of our picks to be surprising. Wisconsin leads the US in producing top-rung colleges for nursing assistant, accounting for 4 of the top 10 schools. Following Wisconsin is Minnesota, having 1 in the top 10. For a brief overview of our first picks, the 10 highest ranked colleges for nursing assistant have a mean enrollment of 1,598 full-time students. They have a 100% average admittance rate, and their undergraduates' average. On average, their students cough up close to $7,625 annually, after financial aid, and their students obtain $4,453 on average in financial assistance every year. Furthermore, they have an average of 16 students for every faculty member, and their academic programs received an average rating of 9 on our website.