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Best Colleges For Occupational Therapy




Do you find occupational therapy to be terrifically stimulating? If the answer is yes, you've probably thought about pursuing a future as a registered occupational therapist, an ergonomist, or a rehab liaison. The average wage for a graduate who studied occupational therapy is $85,445, which is 2.13 times the United States median and 10.5% beneath the average income of a senior intelligence analyst. Our squad of educational researchers examined each and every college in the United States and are proud to come out with our complete 2021 Best Colleges for Occupational Therapy list. We have no doubt that you will discover the perfect college for you. The Pacific-12 Conference heads up the United States in delivering five-star colleges for occupational therapy, accounting for 3 of the top 10 spots. the Colonial Athletic Association follows the Pacific-12 Conference, housing 1 of the top 10. To give you a little context on our top choices, the 10 Best Colleges for Occupational Therapy have admittance rates ranging from 13 - 92%. Their full-time student enrollment ranges from 3,700to30,196 and their undergraduates receive their degrees 77% of the time on average. On average, their out-of-state tuition is $34,387, while in-state tuition costs $24,263. Further, they have student-to-faculty ratios ranging from 9:1 to 19:1. For their academics, they were rated an average of 9 on School Authority.
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY

Ithaca College is a private college located in Ithaca, NY. Admission is within reach for most, as the acceptance rate is 69%. It ranks #256 in America on our overall top colleges list. It has a mid-sized student body with full-time enrollment of 6,232 students. 9% of its graduates secure a Bachelor's in Business. Alternative often in-demand principal courses of study include Cinematography and Video Production, Public Relations, and Physical Therapy, but there are 65 unique courses of study to choose from. It has an impressive physical therapy program, ranking 6th in the United States. It also has the #2 physical therapy and sports management programs New York. In addition, it is 5th in NY for best early action schools. Tuition runs $41,779 a year for students who are paying sticker price. Before you decide against applying because of monetary constraints, know that a great majority of undergraduates obtains at least some scholarship or grant funding. 78% of Ithaca College undergraduates graduate, equipped to begin their professional life. On average, graduates make a yearly income of $39,700 a couple years after receiving their diplomas. After four additional years of work experience, their average income grows 31.7% to $52,300, which is 30.4% more than the national median earnings for individuals. Some of you may also want to be conscious of the fact that it accepts the Common App and your high school GPA is required to apply. Additionally, 62% of available classes are intimately sized, with only 2 to 19 students. In terms of your bank account, be aware that it offers a tuition guarantee plan, insuring that your tuition will remain fixed during your enrollment. With regard for demographics, 51% of professors identify as male and the student body is made up of 3% mixed race undergrads. Relating to the campus experience, it has on campus housing. To conclude, below 5% of alumni miss payments on their student loans and the lowest-earning 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of $24,500 or less.

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