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Best Colleges For Office Management




Does office management interest you? If so, you're likely to be planning on becoming an office manager. On average, office managers make an income of $78,007 per year, which for reference is 94.5% greater than the national median. Our cadre of educational consultants assessed each and every college in the USA and are honored to reveal our comprehensive 2021 Best Colleges for Office Management list. A couple of our top picks might be shocking. Wisconsin heads up the United States in producing top colleges for office management, housing 4 of the top 10 spaces. Next in line is Indiana, with 1 in the top 10. The top 10 colleges for office management have a 73% median admittance rate. Their accepted students have a mean SAT score of 1222, and they have an average tuition cost of $23,013, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships. On average, their full-time enrollment ranges from 701 up to 11,215 undergraduates, and they enroll an average of 13 undergraduates for each professor. Lastly, their mean overall School Authority rating is 9.