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Best Colleges For Pathology




Do you want to further your education in pathology? If so, you might be considering a career as a pathologist, a professor of clinical pathology, or a cytotechnologist. The average graduate with this major takes home a salary of $60,198 per year, which is 19.1% higher than an average private detective or investigator's yearly earnings. Our cadre of higher-education analysts studied every single college in the country in order to roll out our meticulously researched 2021 Best Colleges for Pathology list. You might find a few of the schools to be surprising. . The 3 highest ranked colleges for pathology have admittance rates ranging from 49 - 100%. Their median full-time enrollment is 17,627 undergraduates and their mean graduation rate is 60%. On average, in-state students pay a median of $9,683 in tuition, while out-of-state students pay a median of $27,754. Additionally, they enroll an average of 17 students per faculty member. For their overall quality, they received an average score of 9 on School Authority.