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Best Colleges For Pharmacy Technician




Do you find pharmacy technology to be supremely riveting? If so, you might be interested in a future as a pharmaceutical technician. The average pharmacy technology graduate earns a yearly salary of $31,798, which is 20.7% below the United States median and 4.5% south of the mean income for a computer technician. Our team of higher-education consultants examined each and every university in the United States of America to collect our complete 2021 Best Colleges for Pharmacy Technicians list. You'll most likely find a handful of our picks to be surprising. The Midwest heads up the United States in producing marvelous colleges for pharmacy technicians, accounting for 5 of the top 10 ranks. The runner up is the Southwest, having 2 of the top 10. To share a couple of facts about our first picks with you, the 10 highest ranked colleges for pharmacy technicians have a mean enrollment of 2,214 full-time students. They have obtainable for everyone admissions, with an average admittance rate of 100%, and their undergraduates' mean. On average, their students pay close to $8,427 a year, after financial aid and scholarships, and their students obtain $4,155 on average in financial assistance every year. Furthermore, they have student-to-faculty ratios ranging from 9:1 to 29:1, and their overall ratings on School Authority range from 8.24 to 9.01.