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Best Colleges For Plumbing




Is plumbing your first choice for a major? If that's true, you've probably thought about pursuing a career as a plumber. The average yearly salary for a graduate with this major is $46,013, which is 2.36 times the average restaurant server's yearly earnings. Our team of higher-education researchers sifted through the statistics and are thrilled to put on the map the complete 2021 Best Colleges for Plumbing list. You will probably find a handful of our choices to be surprising. Wisconsin heads up the USA in creating top colleges for plumbing, with 4 of the top 10 spots. Next in line is Utah, having 2 in the top 10. To share a few facts about our top choices with you, the 10 Best Colleges for Plumbing have available to all admissions, with acceptance rates of 100%. They cost an average of $7,784 per year, after financial aid. On average, their student bodies range from very small to medium-sized with 298 - 7,435 full-time undergraduates, and they have an average of 16 undergrads per faculty member. Last but not least, their academics ratings on School Authority range from 8 to 9.01.