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Best Colleges For Pre Medicine Studies




Do you want to major in pre medicine studies? If so, you're potentially interested in becoming a doctor. On average, graduates with a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine studies bring home a yearly income of $76,556, which, for your information, is 26.1% shy of the mean yearly income for a senior electrical engineer. Our team of educational analysts examined each and every school in the nation in order to collect the meticulously researched 2021 Best Colleges for Pre-Medicine Studies list. A handful of our picks will probably be surprising to you. The South Atlantic leads the country in generating world-class colleges for pre-medicine studies, accounting for 4 of the top 10 spots. Next is the Mid-Atlantic, with 3 of the top 10. The top 10 colleges for pre-medicine studies admit, on average, 27.4% of applicants. They accept students with an average ACT score of 32, and have student body sizes ranging from small to very big, with 4,762 - 37,795 full-time undergraduates. Furthermore, their net tuition is $27,859 on average, after taking scholarships, grants, and aid into consideration, and their student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1 on average. Finally, they have a median overall rating of 9.73 on our website.
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

University of Chicago is a private university in Chicago, IL. It is a very distinguished college, ranked 20th in the nation, with an extremely low acceptance rate. its most commonly elected major is a Bachelor's in Economics, which represents 19% of students. Other popular choices include Mathematics, which accounts for 9% of students, and Biology (8%). Its math, economics, and public policy programs are all ranked third in the nation, and its math, anthropology, chemistry, computer science, and economics programs all rank first in Illinois. Also, it comes in 1st in Illinois for top colleges for international students. For students who pay full freight, tuition costs $52,653 annually. That being said, just above 60% of students are awarded at least some scholarship or grant funding. 95% of University of Chicago undergraduates end up winding up their studies with a diploma, heading into the labor force ready to make some money. The average alumnus earns a salary of $54,300 two years after commencement. After 4 more years on the job, the alumni's median salary rises 25.4% to $68,100, which is 69.8% on top of the national median earnings. Applicants might like to be informed that there is a $75 application fee and it is considered but not required that you include your high school rank when submitting your application. Furthermore, students can take a semester abroad. With regard for your pocketbook, be aware that for households with an income of $49k to $75k, the average net tuition cost is $7,536 per year and for households with an income of less than $30k, the average cost of tuition less scholarships and aid is $3,019 annually. Related to demographics, students 17 or younger make up 2% of the student body and 16% of undergraduates are from Illinois. With regard for life on campus, on-campus housing is available. To wind things up, six years after receiving their degrees, the lowest-earning quartile of graduates earn $43,900 or less and hardly any alumni fail to repay their student debt.

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