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Best Colleges For Precision Production




Have you always felt drawn to precision production? If so, you've probably considered a career as a precision metalworker or a production machinist. The average precision production grad rakes in an annual salary of $39,559, which just for reference is 1.3% south of the United States median and 32.1% south of the average income of a grants manager. Our team of educational consultants reviewed the statistics and are delighted to bring to your attention the unrivaled 2021 Best Colleges for Precision Production list. A few of our picks might be unexpected. Michigan and Wisconsin lead the USA in generating top-rung colleges for precision production, each housing 2 of the top 10 places. Just behind is Missouri, housing 1 in the top 10. To share some facts about our top picks with you, the top 10 colleges for precision production have full-time enrollments ranging from 1,292 - 6,061 students. They have admittance rates of 100%. On average, their students cough up close to $7,354 annually, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their undergrads obtain $5,128 on average in financial aid each year. Moreover, they enroll a median of 16 undergrads for every faculty member, and their mean overall School Authority rating is 8.