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Best Colleges For Professional Diver And Instructor




If professional diving and instructing are important to you, you're likely to be planning on becoming a divemaster, an underwater repairperson, or a rescue diver. The average graduate who receives a degree in professional diving and instructing takes home a yearly salary of $64,225, which is 60.2% more than the US median and 30.9% beyond the mean salary of a parts manager. Our squad of educational consultants pored through the data and are delighted to introduce our ultimate 2021 Best Colleges for Professional Diver and Instructor list. Hopefully you will discover the best school for you. Florida and California head up the US in yielding preeminent colleges for professional diver and instructor, each having 2 of the top 7 schools. The runner up is New Jersey, with 1 in the top 7. The 7 Best Colleges for Professional Diver and Instructor have an average admittance rate of 95%. On average, their students received 1160 on the SAT. They cost an average of $23,961 a year, after financial aid, and their undergrads receive $5,177 on average in financial aid each year. For their overall college rankings, they were rated an average of 8 on School Authority.