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Best Colleges For Protective Services




Have you always wanted to pursue protective services? If we're right on point, you're potentially interested in becoming a bodyguard or possibly even a Secret Service agent. On average, protective services officers take home a salary of $46,776 per year, which just for referenceis 16.6% over the median American salary. Our college analysts reviewed every school in the United States and couldn't be more pleased to release the unrivaled 2021 Best Colleges for Protective Services list. A few of our top choices may shock you. The South Atlantic heads up the United States in delivering first-class colleges for protective services, accounting for 3 of the top 10 schools. Just behind is New England, housing 2 in the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for protective services have a median full-time enrollment of 3,517 undergrads. They have a 54.9% average admittance rate, and their students have an average SAT score of 1184. On average, their undergraduates dish out approximately $22,404 a year, after aid, and their undergrads receive from $6,075 to $33,455 on average in aid each year. Also, they have an average student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, and their mean overall rating on our site is 9.