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Best Colleges For Quality Control Technician




If you long to pursue quality control technology, you're potentially planning on becoming a quality control technician. On average, grads with a degree in quality control technology earn a yearly income of $44,432, which interestingly is 10.8% more than the United States median and 19.4% behind the average transportation supervisor's salary. Our team of educational consultants examined every school in the USA and are thrilled to present our comprehensive 2021 Best Colleges for Quality Control Technician list. A handful of our top choices might be surprising to you! Minnesota and Ohio head up the USA in delivering out of this world colleges for quality control technician, each having 2 of the top 10 spots. Next is Montana, with 1 in the top 10. The top 10 colleges for quality control technician have a midsized average enrollment of 6,615 full-time undergraduates. They have a median acceptance rate of 93%, and their students' ACT scores range from 21 - 24. On average, they cost students around $12,512 a year, after taking financial aid into account, and their undergraduates receive from $3,246 to $14,410 on average in aid each year. Additionally, they have a mean student--faculty ratio of 16:1, and their overall ratings on School Authority range from 8-8.76.