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Best Colleges For Radiation Therapy




If you've always felt compelled by radiation therapy, you're likely to be interested in becoming a radiation therapist. The average annual salary for a graduate with this major is $85,560, which, just for reference, is over double the national median and 5.8% beyond the mean income of a sr. instructional designer in training & development. Our squad of higher-education analysts reviewed every university in the US in order to produce the supreme 2021 Best Colleges for Radiation Therapy list. A couple of our top picks could surprise you! The Midwest heads up the USA in delivering exceptional colleges for radiation therapy, accounting for 4 of the top 10 positions. The runner up is the South Atlantic, having 3 in the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for radiation therapy have a larger average enrollment of 11,536 full-time students. They have a 52.9% average acceptance rate, and their students received a median of 1275 and 28 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. On average, their students cough up around $19,986 per year, after aid, and their undergrads obtain a median of $17,998.5 in aid every year. Further, they enroll an average of 12 students for each faculty member, and their mean overall rating on our site is 9.
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

University of Vermont is a public university located in Burlington, VT. It is a well-rated institution, currently ranked two hundred and twenty-fifth in the country, but accepts 68% of applicants. It is a medium-sized institution with 9,875 full-time undergrads enrolled. University of Vermont has 81 different majors across six academic disciplines. The most frequent options are Business, Environmental Science, and Psychology, with 9% of graduates receiving a Bachelor's degree in Business. 7% and 6% of students study Environmental Science and Psychology, respectively. Its medical assistant technology, agricultural sciences, health professions, chemistry and religious studies programs are all ranked number one in Vermont. Also, University of Vermont ranked 1st in VT on our top party schools and best greek life lists. At sticker price, tuition is $15,139 a year, if your residence is in Vermont. Otherwise, tuition can run you up to $37,164. None the less, 98% of undergrads obtain some financial aid. 75% of University of Vermont undergraduates graduate, young and ready to join the job market. A couple years after finishing their studies, graduates earn a median salary of $37,100. After an additional four years working, the graduate's median annual income climbs 27.5% to $47,300, which is 18% on top of the national median salary. Many of you might like to be aware that college prep courses are required to apply. Further, the retention rate for part-time students is 74%. With regard for finances, be aware that if your household earns between $30k and $48k, you can expect to spend in the neighborhood of $13,349 for tuition. Its campus food rating on School Authority is 8.76 and when rating its academics, it received an 8.97. On the subject of student life, on-campus housing is offered. To conclude, six years after completing their studies, one out of four graduates rake in $68,100 or more and two years after completing their studies, 94% of graduates are employed.

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Manhattan College
Riverdale, NY

Manhattan College is a private, Catholic college located in Riverdale, NY. The acceptance rate is 75%, making it not that competitive. On our overall top colleges list, we've ranked it #300 in the United States. It is a small institution with full-time enrollment of 3,652 students. its most frequently chosen major is a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, which accounts for 12% of students. Alternative desired options include Mechanical Engineering, which accounts for 8% of students, and Finance (8%). If you want to major in accounting while living in New York, it is an incredible option for you, because its accounting program is ranked #10 in the state. Also, Manhattan College is 3rd in New York according to our best colleges with rolling admissions list. Tuition is $44,738 at the sticker price. Before you rule out applying because of the price, be aware that every single undergrad gets at least some grant or scholarship funding. 73% of Manhattan College undergraduates complete their college education with a degree and enter the following chapter of their lives: work. On average, alumni go on to make an annual income of $54,200 two years after commencement. After another four years in the labor force, their average income rises 19.9% to $65,000, which is 62.1% greater than the national median earnings for individuals. You might want to know that your high school transcript is required to apply. In addition, it does not offer a distance education program. Relating to finances, be aware that the average amount of aid awarded through state grants is $2,571 and the average tuition for people from households earning between $76k and $110k a year is around $31,145. Respecting demographics, 48% of undergraduates are from a household with an annual income of $110k or more and 20% of undergraduates are from households with an annual income less than $30k. Regarding the student experience, first-year students don't have to live on campus. To conclude, scarcely do alumni default on their student loans and the average student graduates with $7,229 per year of debt.

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