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Best Colleges For Radio And Television Broadcasting Technician




Do you find radio and television broadcasting technology to be particularly enthralling? If we're right on point, you're probably interested in becoming a radio or television broadcast technician. The average radio and television broadcasting technology graduate earns a yearly income of $57,200, which just for reference is 42.6% greater than the median American income and 79.9% greater than the average data processor's earnings. Our team of college consultants reviewed each and every college in the United States and couldn't be more excited to put forward the definitive 2021 Best Colleges for Radio and Television Broadcasting Technician list. You may be surprised by a handful of this year's picks! The Mid-Atlantic and the South Atlantic head up the United States in delivering impressive colleges for radio and television broadcasting technician, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 spots. Just behind is the Southwest, housing 2 in the top 10. To share some facts about our first picks with you, the top 10 colleges for radio and television broadcasting technician have full-time enrollments ranging from 990 up to 14,250 students. They have a 90.5% median acceptance rate, and their undergraduates received a median of 1245 and 24 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. On average, they cost close to $15,366 a year, after aid, and their undergraduates are awarded $14,524 on average in financial aid each year. Further, they have an average student--faculty ratio of 15:1, and their median rating for academics on School Authority is 8.5.