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Best Colleges For Social Psychology




If you're engrossed by social psychology, you're potentially interested in becoming a social psychology researcher, a political consultant, or an industrial-organizational psychologist. The average yearly wage for a graduate who obtains a degree in social psychology is $56,874, which, just for reference, is 1.42 times the nationwide median and 7.3% under the average income for a materials supervisor. Our staff of educational experts reviewed the numbers and couldn't be more elated to put forth our unparalleled 2021 Best Colleges for Social Psychology list. We wish you all the best on your search! The Midwest leads America in generating first-class colleges for social psychology, accounting for 6 of the top 10 slots. Next is the West Coast, having 2 of the top 10. To share some basic info on our first choices, the top 10 colleges for social psychology have student body sizes ranging from very small to huge, with between 760 and 30,297 full-time undergraduates. They have admittance rates between 29% and 100%, and their students scored between 1085 and 1365 on the SAT. On average, their undergraduates cough up around $19,982 annually, after aid, and their students receive a median of $13,081.5 in financial assistance each year. Further, they have a median student-to-faculty ratio of 16.5:1, and their average overall School Authority rating is 9.