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Best Historically Black Colleges And Universities




If you're interested in attending a historically black college or university, there are plenty of options for you. Some HBCUs, however, stand out for their high-quality academics, renowned professors, and extremely satisfied students. Our crew of college connoisseurs studied all the stats and are on cloud nine to share with you our meticulously researched 2021 best historically Black colleges list. You'll most likely be interested in a couple of our picks. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference leads the nation in generating premium historically Black colleges, accounting for 3 of the top 10 seats. Just behind is the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, having 2 in the top 10. The top 10 historically Black colleges have full-time enrollments ranging from 607 - 8,879 students. They have a 53.1% average admittance rate, and their accepted students have an average ACT score of 21. On average, their students cough up approximately $22,854 per year, after aid, and their undergrads receive between $4,408 and $25,205 on average in aid every year. Furthermore, they have student-to-faculty ratios ranging from 8:1 to 18:1, and their mean rating for academics on our website is 9.