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Best Mens Colleges




Set on attending a men' college? Our squad of college pundits investigated the stats to construct our complete 2021 best mens colleges list. A few of our choices might be surprising to you. New York leads the nation in yielding first-class men's colleges, accounting for 4 of the top 10 positions. The top 10 men's colleges have student body sizes ranging from extremely small to smaller, with between 108 and 2,194 full-time students. They have a median admittance rate of 84%, and their accepted students scored between 1110 and 1215 on the SAT. On average, their undergrads dish out around $17,105 annually, after aid, and their students receive a median of $11,141 in financial assistance per year. Moreover, they have a median student-to-faculty ratio of 13.5:1, and their median overall rating on School Authority is 8.