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Top Associates Degrees In Dental Hygiene




If you're thinking about majoring in dental hygiene but don't want to commit to traditional college degree, why not think about getting an associate's degree. The average wage for graduates with an associate's in dental hygiene is $68,673, which just for reference is 71.3% greater than the nationwide median. Our squad of educational specialists reviewed each and every school in the country in order to construct the official 2021 Colleges with the Best Associates Degrees In Dental Hygiene list. Some of our top choices might be intriguing to you. California leads the nation in delivering preeminent colleges for associate's degrees in dental hygiene, accounting for 5 of the top 10 places. North Dakota follows California, with 1 of the top 10. The top 10 colleges for associate's degrees in dental hygiene have an average enrollment of 628 full-time undergrads. They have a 94.5% median admittance rate. On average, they cost students approximately $20,483 per year, after aid, and their students receive between $3,568 and $6,456 on average in aid every year. Further, they enroll an average of 15 students for each professor, and their ratings for academics on School Authority range from 7.28 to 8.76.