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Best Catholic Colleges




Are you interested in going to a Catholic school? Our team of higher-education specialists investigated all the data to collect our all-encompassing 2021 best Catholic colleges list. We hope you find the best program for you. The West Coast and the Midwest head up the country in providing awesome Catholic colleges, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 ranks. The runner up is New England, having 2 in the top 10. To share some things about our top picks with you, the 10 highest ranked Catholic colleges have full-time enrollments ranging from 2,968 up to 10,165 students. They have modestly competitive admissions, with an average acceptance rate of 43.6%, and their accepted students have a mean SAT score of 1336 and ACT score of 30. On average, they end up costing close to $32,783 annually, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their undergrads receive a median of $28,543.5 in financial assistance each year. In addition, they have an average of 12 undergrads per faculty member, and their overall ratings on School Authority range from 9.21 to 10.
Fordham University
Bronx, NY

Fordham University is a private, Catholic university in Bronx, NY. It is a moderately rated college, ranked one hundred and eighty-ninth in the country, but accepts 46% of applicants. It is a mid-sized university with full-time enrollment of 9,588 undergraduates. its most regularly elected major is a Bachelor's in Communications, which is elected by 10% of students. Other frequently in-demand majors include Economics, which accounts for 8% of students, and Business (7%). It ranks second in New York for its accounting program. What's more, it is 1st in NY according to our best Catholic colleges list. For those based in New York, sticker price tuition runs $50,052; non-New York applicants, however, need to lay out $55,321 a year. None the less, 9 in 10 students obtain some grant or scholarship funding. 84% of Fordham University undergraduates conclude their education with a degree, anticipating to land their dream jobs. A couple years after graduating, graduates take home a median annual salary of $49,100. After an additional four years of work experience, their median yearly earnings climbs 20.6% to $59,200, which is 47.6% more than the national median income for individuals. Those of you applying might like to know that most students tested between 620 and 700 on the reading portion of the SAT. In addition, it has a teacher certification program. Apropos of finances, be aware that 88% of undergraduates obtain institutional grants to subsidize their tuition costs and if your household has an annual income of under $30k, you should pay $26,680 on tuition annually. Its diversity rating on School Authority is 9.79 and our higher education experts rated it a 9.53 overall. Regarding the student experience, it offers 10 men's varsity teams. In closing, approximately only one twentieth of alumni fail to repay their student loans and six years after receiving their degrees, one fourth of graduates take home $83,200 or more.

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